Has the flurry of POPIA compliance emails left you wondering how your organisation’s compliance stacks up?

Most leaders are wondering the same thing.

The sobering news is that these emails represent just the tip of the iceberg of what it really means to be POPIA compliant. But don't stress – we've geared up to provide you with comprehensive, yet affordable POPIA assistance. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation now to find out how we can help you.

Neither the Act nor its regulations explicitly define the technical measures required to achieve compliance...

Dancing in the dark with the POPI Act.

A recent study highlighted that business information needs differ and as a result the POPI Act will impact businesses subjectively. However, the one thing businesses have in common is IT. Neither the Act nor it's regulations explicitly defines the technical measures required to achieve compliance which leaves many businesses in the dark, especially SMME's that don't have significant IT budgets. The stakes are high, as the POPIA legislation provides for significant fines for non-compliance.

Here's how we typically approach POPIA projects

Assess and report

All businesses are unique in their IT requirements, therefore our roadmap is built by analysis of your data and tailor-made to your business' POPIA compliance requirements.

Appoint an Information Officer

Based on assessment findings and our experience, we will assist in identifying a suitable candidate within your organisation, facilitate onboarding and provide introductory training to the POPI Act and its principles.

Polish policies

We will review and make amendment recommendations to your existing Information Governance Policies.


We perform training on POPIA principles, policies and procedures, and raise awareness about common hacking techniques and how to spot them.

Did you know?

Dreamsmiths offers various IT security-related services, including penetration testing, disaster recovery protocols and more.

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