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In the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, 50 000 people lined up to race for their piece of the available two million acres. Literally within half a day, claims were staked and, by dusk, the nimble had set themselves up for generations to come.

We believe we’re living through a similar period in history. Irrespective of your organisations’ position right now, the race is on to claim digital pre-eminence in your market. Those who get there first are positioning themselves to grow and prosper in the new, connected world.


Think we’re being melodramatic? Well, 2014 saw the developed world reach a tipping point when, for the first time in history, the majority of purchases were internet-influenced. Just to be clear, that’s not only consumer purchases but business-to-business purchases as well. Added to that, the digital generation – born around the 90’s – have come of age. They’ve grown up connected, so if your organisation’s not digitally savvy, it’s considered backward. They won’t enjoy buying from you and they certainly won’t want to work for you. The developing world is taking similar shape. In Kenya, for example, there are now more M-Pesa (mobile money) accounts than bank accounts and throughout the continent smartphone usage is growing at an unprecedented rate.

In light of all of this, we’ve built our business around helping organisations become digitally savvy – fast. We’ll work with you to re-imagine your various users’ ideal experiences, then create a roadmap to get you there. Our internationally-benchmarked approach will help you dodge the usual IT quagmires. It aligns with your people and business-process change management so that you will see effective results quickly.

So, if you’re seeing frontiers of digital opportunity, give us a call and we’ll get you saddled up and in the race.

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Our manifesto

We’re building the kind of company we’d like to work with.

  • Put users first

    It's no longer enough to just put customers first. We will win if we give all users digital love.

  • Add value, don’t market

    The web has changed the way good marketing works. If the stuff we create isn’t itself adding value to people’s lives, we’ve missed the boat. And lost the plot.

  • Brilliant service comes standard

    We're known for our great customer service. No big creative ego’s around here. We try hard to live up to our reputation, every day.

  • Exaggeration is lying

    Sensationalised marketing claims are so last year. We communicate compellingly, but build trust through honesty.

  • Make the world better

    Do good, have fun, and the money will come. We believe it’s possible to do good and to do well, at the same time.

  • Heads for data, creative at heart

    We’re modern marketers, which means we’re data ninja’s and we understand the potency of creative ideas.

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