Edge Growth Tracker


Edge Growth have an impressive job creation track record through growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s), achieved by leveraging their holistic, end-to-end approach to Enterprise Supplier Development in the South African context. With the organisation’s rapid growth came escalating levels of complexity in gathering of data, tracking performance and reporting to stakeholders.


Dreamsmiths designed and developed a comprehensive web application which digitized and automated various activities, and which is now the backbone of the company’s operations. The system, named GrowthTracker, caters for various kinds of users including staff, mentors, SME leaders and clients. Their corporate clients’ experience has moved from receiving complex Excel-based reports, to being able to log into the system and see their dashboard of all account activity in real time.


The system has greatly enhanced Edge Growth’s client user experience, as these users are able to view and draw up-to-date reports at their convenience. Internally, after leadership led a smart staff user adoption campaign, the system has been successfully inculcated into daily workflows and has greatly streamlined operations by automating various processes, and providing all staff and partner users with “one version of the truth.”




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